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5 Clicks - Simple Screen Capture (Print Screen) Software for Windows.

  Everything should be made as simple as possible.
But not simpler.
Albert Einstein

"5 Clicks" is a very easy-to-use screen capture (print screen) program. It takes only 5 clicks to start the program, capture an image anywhere on the screen and close the program! The captured image can be saved as a PNG (for computer graphics), Jpeg (for photos) or bitmap file, copied to clipboard or printed.

It takes seconds to create a screenshot from almost anything you see on your screen. This program has everything you need and nothing you don't.

no popups, adware, spyware, malware All downloads on this website are spyware and adware free. This has been our policy since inception for more than a decade. Our software does what it is supposed to do and nothing else. Read 5 Clicks license agreement for more details.

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See 5 clicks screen capture in action.

How to use 5 clicks screen capture

  1. Start the program.

  2. Move the square on the screen by clicking on the black arrows and dragging. Drag the square so one of its corners touches a corner of the area you want to capture.

    move spider - screen capture (print screen) program
    drag to image - screen capture (print screen) program

  3. Click the corner area of the square and extend (drag) the outlined area to cover the area of the screen you want to capture. Release the mouse.

    extend image - screen capture (print screen) program extend image - screen capture (print screen) program

  4. Select what you want to do with the captured image. You may save it as a PNG, Jpeg/Jpg or bitmap file, print on the default printer, copy into clipboard (you can later paste it into MS-Word, Outlook, etc), or discard the image.

    select image - screen capture (print screen) program, copy, printscreen, or save as a file

  5. Capture another image or close the program.

    close - screen capture (print screen) program

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What users say about 5 clicks screen capture:

...Your software is one of the most awesome packages I have ever used - every copper who comes in here is astounded at how simple it is and they are all hanging out to see it rolled out...

Cliff Ferguson
Electronic Evidence Section, Police Technical Unit
Western Australian Police

"Easy and Effective!"

I have tried similar programs for my online gaming and couldn't find one that I could use without hardly thinking, or having to do file search to see where the heck the picture got saved to. If you are a computer idiot like myself, I recommend this program for saving anything on your screen!

Jason - (feedback from

I can't figure out why I am the first! this screen capture program is the neatest thing out since the invention of the wheel! You don't give me room to express more opinion! BUT IT IS NEAT !

Grove Schoolcraft - feedback from

I like simplicity, I like things that just work, effectively, without all bells and whistles and just do what you want, as fast as you need it, and if it does it right from the box as it were, then even better. 5 Clicks is just that, rapid image capture with no hidden things you don't want, its in the system tray waiting or on the desktop working. review.

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